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finding an energy efficient electric heater this winter

Finding an energy efficient electric heater this winter

An energy efficient electric heater could be an essential purchase for many households this winter. Even though the October to December 2023 energy price cap has led to an 8% fall in UK gas prices and a 9% drop in electricity prices, heating costs are still 51% higher than they were just two years ago. What’s more, the UK price cap will be rising again in January 2024 with a 5% rise in energy costs. Therefore, it is more vital than ever for families to find an energy efficient way of heating their home.

Mains-powered electric heaters are considered to be high efficiency heaters as they convert 100% of the energy they use into heat, but being energy efficient does not mean they are necessarily cheap to run. Heating your whole house using electric heaters will be more expensive than by using central heating.

If you are reducing your central heating temperature this Winter to keep costs under control, you may want to provide extra heat to a single room, such as a bedroom or bathroom. If so, an electric heater could be the perfect way to help take the chill off over Winter.

Different types of electric heater

There are several different types of electric heaters used in the home, the most common of these are: fan heaters, halogen heaters, convection heaters and oil-filled radiators. Below, we consider which of these is the cheapest room heater to run and the pros and cons of each.


Fan heaters

One of the biggest advantage of fan heaters is how quickly they can heat a room. Because heat is blown away from the heater, a space is warmed much faster than when heat is spread through convection. A fan heater can potentially have higher running costs, so look for a model with eco features such as the Duux Threesixty that can help keep energy use down.

✓ Heats a room quicky

✗ Usually more expensive to run


Halogen heaters

Halogen heaters work very differently to fan heaters. Anyone who is in the direct path of a halogen heater will feel warmth from the heater instantly, but they do not heat the air in the room, so it is colder outside the path of the heater. They are the cheapest electric heaters to run but the heat does not remain in the room once the heater is switched off.

✓ Cheaper to run

✗ Doesn’t heat the air in a room


Convection heaters

These heaters don’t move the air around a room themselves, they warm the air next to them which then circulates around the room by convection. They do not heat a room as quickly as a fan heater but they have lower running costs so are good for heating a room over a longer period of time. Unlike many convection heaters, the Duux Edge has precise temperature control and is splash resistant, so it is safe to be used in damp spaces such as home gyms and basements.

✓ Cheaper to run

✗ Doesn’t heat a room as quickly as a fan heater


Oil-filled radiators

Oil radiators are a type of convection heater, but instead of directly heating the surrounding air, the radiator heats an internal oil tank which then warms up the air around the radiator. They are amongst the most cost-effective heaters but are the slowest to heat a room because the oil needs to be heated before it can heat a room.

✓ Cheapest to run

✗ Slow to bring a room up to temperature

Which energy efficient electric heater is right for you?

Regardless of the type, there are some features to look for when choosing an energy efficient electric heater that can help keep heating bills down.

Make sure that the heater includes a thermostat that can switch the heater off when the required room temperature is reached and then provide heat in short bursts to maintain the temperature.

Further savings can be made if the heater has different settings so it can be switched to consume less power once your room is at the perfect temperature.

A timer is another useful feature that allows a heater to automatically switch on or off at pre-programmed times, to give your room a quick boost before you get up in the morning or you arrive home for work.

For comfort and safety, look for a fan heater that is low-noise and make sure any heater you buy has an automatic shut-off in case it is tipped over.

The importance of an energy efficient electric heater

Electric heaters can be expensive to run, so choosing an energy efficient electric heater is more important than ever. Duux eco heaters, have a range of features that can help you to keep your heating costs under control.

The innovative Duux Threesixty fan heater comes with an eco mode, which turns down the fan to save valuable energy, and three heating programs, ranging from 600W on the lowest setting to a maximum of 1800W . Even at the top setting the Threesixty will be cheaper to run than most fan heaters which generally consume 2000 Watts.

The Duux Edge heater cleverly detects open windows and will shut off heating if it detects a sudden temperature drop that accompanies a window being opened. If not overridden, this prevents heat being wasted, and helps to keep energy usage under control.

Both the Threesixty and the Edge convection heaters offer much more control than many electric heaters. The Duux smartphone app, lets you set an exact temperature and heating times can be scheduled, so the cost of bringing a room up to temperature is never higher than it needs to be.

The heaters can be controlled from anywhere using the app, allowing you to switch the heater on for a quick boost just before you get home or switch it off immediately or adjust the temperature without needing to get up.

Threesixty fan heaters

energy-efficient-electric-heater-duux-threesixtyThe Threesixty energy efficient fan heater is available in Grey or White and has a compact and stylish organic design that seamlessly blends in to any home.

As well as a lower wattage than many fan heaters, the Threesixty energy efficient electric heater has an efficient PTC heating element, which allows it to heat up a 30m2 room twice as fast as a conventional heater. Thanks to the inventive air outlet, which allows for 360° heat distribution, your room will be heated evenly.

As well as fitting in comfortably with your home’s décor, the Threesixty is Quiet Mark approved with very low sound levels of just 46db, the equivalent of light rain. To put this in perspective, anything below 60db is considered to be quiet.

Edge convection heaters

energy-efficient-electric-heater-duux-edgeThe energy efficient Edge electric radiator is available in both Grey and White and in three different models, ranging from the efficient 1000W model, suitable for rooms up to 15m2 to the powerful 2000W version which can heat a room up to 30m2.

The high-quality steel heater is only 6.5cm deep and comes with both detachable legs and mounting brackets, so it can be either hung on the wall or used as a free-standing radiator. The Edge has an IP24 rating so it can safely be used in damp areas, keeping you warm when you step out of the shower on cold Winter mornings.

The sleek Edge radiators have no fan and operate silently, drawing in cold air from the room and warming it using convection technology. The programmable schedules mean it can be set to automatically switch on to provide heat when you need it and off when you don’t.

Staying warm this Winter with an energy efficient electric heater

These are concerning times for many people in the UK. The cost of heating a house is significantly higher than it was in Winter  2021/22 and these higher costs are coming alongside other price rises for essential goods like food and petrol.

Because of this, you may want to replace a less efficient heater with an energy efficient electric heater. Alternatively, you could be looking to provide an occasional boost to a room if you have lowered the temperature on your thermostat.

Both the Threesixty and the Edge range from Duux provide cost-effective options for those looking to keep warm this Winter as they can be set to run at a lower cost than many conventional electric heaters.

If you are looking for household energy advice, the regulator Ofgem provides some guidance here:

If you are having trouble with your bills, the Citizen’s Advice Bureau has information on Grants and Benefits that can provide assistance with payments.

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