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the smart heater solution for heating your home

The smart heater solution for heating your home

What is a Smart Heater?

As the cold weather draws in, many of us will be wondering whether a smart heater will be a good way to heat our homes. When the temperature outside is low, feeling warm and comfortable at home is a great way to combat the winter blues. As smart heaters are a relatively new product category, some people do not know about them or the benefits they offer.

For those new to the concept, smart heaters are conventional heater which can also be controlled using a smartphone app that brings a range of benefits not available with a standard heater.

How does a Smart Heater Work?

A smart electric heater connects to a mobile device through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and generally works through an app made by the heater’s manufacturer. Once connected to the app, you can use your smartphone to remotely control your heater with a few taps. A connected heater comes with a range of benefits.

The Benefits of using a Smart Heater?

Controlling your heater using your phone provides a range of different benefits. The smartphone app will usually provide extra functions that do not come with a standard heater. These include, automatic scheduling (setting your heater to turn on and off at certain times), real time monitoring (the ability to check the temperature at any given time), and voice control (being able to control your heater using Amazon Echo and Google Home devices).

Duux smart heaters and the Duux app

By connecting your Duux Threesixty Smart Heater or Duux Edge Smart Convection Heater to the Duux app you can extend the range of functions that your heater offers. If you have multiple Duux devices, they can all be connected to the Duux app, and each can be assigned to different rooms.

The second-generation Duux app works with the latest generation of Duux heaters and gives a range of new features such as climate display per room, historic data and a dark mode.

Automated Scheduling

Being able to set heating schedules is one of the primary benefits of a Wi-Fi controlled heater. The ‘Schedule’ function enables you to make sure your heater comes on at a particular time. If you know you will be arriving home at 6pm, you can set your heater to start warming your room at 5:30pm.

The Duux app also lets you set the fan speed and preferred room temperature, so your room will be perfectly warm and you won’t need to get your blanket out of the cupboard while you wait for the room to heat up.

Automatically scheduling the running times of your heater allows you to easily plan how warm you want your room to be, at any day of the week and any time of day. This ensures your heater will only switch on when you need it, which can help decrease your energy consumption while still making sure you stay warm at any time of the day.

Real Time Monitoring

Some smart heaters allow you to monitor the air temperature and climate in the area surrounding the heater.

From within the Duux app, you can assign your heater to a particular room, making it easier to manage multiple devices within the app and to check the current state of the room. As Duux smart heaters all feature built in thermostats, it is possible to check the current temperature of the room where the device is located and check this against the heater’s target temperature.

The target temperature of the room can be set within the app which also records how long the smart heater takes to heat up the room to your chosen temperature. This information can be useful for energy efficiency when pre-heating a room, so you don’t need to switch it on earlier than necessary.

The second-generation Duux app also provides historic data allowing you to easily view detailed graphs showing air quality measurements over time.

Voice Control

Controlling a smart heater through an app provides a range of benefits that are not available with a standard heater. This includes connecting to a voice assistant which can be used to control the device.

Duux heaters can be connected to Amazon Alexa, with Google Assistant integration coming soon. To connect your smart heater to Alexa, you first need to download the Alexa app and follow the instructions given. This will enable you to control your heater using voice commands to set the room temperature and to turn the smart heater on and off.

A typical voice instruction would be ‘Alexa, turn on Duux Threesixty Smart Heater and set it to 20 degrees Celsius’, which would turn the Wi-Fi heater on, and warm up the room until the heater’s thermostat reaches 20 degrees Celsius. This is especially useful on chilly mornings and evenings when you want to turn up your heating but don’t want to move out of your warm bed into a cold room.

Using a smart heater to heat your home this winter

As the cost of living rises, it can be difficult to choose the smartest heating solution for your home. If you don’t move between rooms much, it may be more energy efficient to just heat up the individual rooms where you spend the majority of your time, as heating up your entire house could be quite expensive. If you go out and forget to turn your central heating off, you will find yourself with unnecessary heating costs.

Threesixty Smart Heater and the Edge Smart Convection Heater range from Duux can provide a smart solution for heating your home. These app controlled heaters use automated schedules, real time monitoring and remote operation to create an intelligent solution for a more comfortable living environment.

If you are unsure which Duux Smart Heater to choose, the different Edge models are designed to heat different room sizes using convection and the Threesixty models feature a fan and a unique air outlet design that quickly warms up a room. View our heaters page for more information to help you find a heater that can warm your home the smart way.

Duux offer a range of smart products to help bring better air into your living space. Discover the full range of Duux smart devices and find out more about the benefits of the Duux smart home.

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