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Whisper Flex Smart Fan White


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Whisper Flex: the smart fan that provides cooling in every corner. Thanks to the free smartphone app, you can control your fan anytime and anywhere. It is adjustable in height and transforms effortlessly from table to floor, with both horizontal and vertical swing. And the best part? It’s whisper-quiet, so you can focus on that book or go to sleep peacefully.

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The ultimate fan, completely smart and wireless

Whisper Flex has a remarkable 26 speed settings, multiple modes, and a powerful motor with double fan blades. All these functions are performed while remaining whisper-quiet from only 13dB.

With the free Duux Smart app, you can control your Whisper Flex Smart with your phone, so that your room is nice and cool when you get home. Or, use voice assistance including Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Whisper Flex Smart has 15 metres of wind reach with a running cost of <1p/hour on the highest setting*, cooling even the largest spaces efficiently. Adjust the multiple modes to your preference, including natural breeze mode to simulate real wind.

Whisper Flex Smart reaches every corner of the room oscillating 90⁰ horizontally and 100⁰ vertically.

In night mode, the screen automatically dims so that you are not disturbed. The timer can be set from 0-12 hours and switches off automatically.

Whisper Flex Smart also has intuitive controls including a rotary dial with LED display and a convenient magnetic remote control (for when you don’t feel like getting out of bed!).

A minimalistic design with a matte finish that fits seamlessly into any décor. Adjustable height, allowing you to effortlessly transition from pedestal (88cm) to tabletop (51cm), by simply removing the extension. The convenient magnetic remote control can be stored on the back of the fan.

The compatible dock and battery pack are available separately and allow you to turn Whisper Flex into a portable fan. The battery has a life of up to 12 hours, depending on settings.

* Calculated using the energy price cap rate of 28p/kWh


  • Dimensions – 34 x 34 x 51-88 cm
  • Energy consumption – 3-27w
  • Noise level – 13 dBa
  • Air circulation – 710m³/hr
  • 90⁰ horizontal swing
  • 100⁰ vertical swing
  • 26 Standings
  • Natural wind & night mode
  • Digital LCD display
  • Aluminum rotary nozzle
  • Dual fan blades
  • 15m wind range
  • Timer – 0-12h
  • WiFi – 2.4Ghz
  • Can be used on mains power or battery*
  • Remote control included
  • Includes free Duux app (available in App Store and Google Play store)

Package Contents

  • Whisper Flex Smart Fan
  • Remote control
  • Adapter
  • User manual

* Excluding Dock & Battery Pack. This can be ordered separately here. Note: In battery mode, the fan speed is limited to position 15.

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EAN code


Product number


Remote control



Rotary knob






1 – 12 hours



Auto Power Off


Night mode






Smart platforms

Android, iOS




Clean with a damp cloth, The fan cover can be easily dismantled with a screw so that the fan is also easy to clean on the inside


24 months


Power adapter, Remote control, Manual

Header technical specifications

Technical specifications


3 – 29 W

Consumption standby mode

0.81 W

Type of power supply

100 – 240 volt

Remote control battery

CR2025 Lithium

Noise level

13dB – 55dB

Header dimensions

Measurements and weight

Product dimensions

34 x 34 x 88 cm

Product width

34.00 cm

Product depth

34.00 cm

Product height

88.00 cm


4.50 kg

Packaging dimensions

38.4 x 52 x 25.5 cm

Header category

Fan Specifications

Air flow per hour

2,300 m³

Adjustable height


Wind range

15 meter

Horizontal swing


Vertical swing



34 cm




DC Motor, Fans

Includes Dock & Battery


Instruction videos
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Connect App

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This is not recommended due to the stability of the fan. In addition to the table model, the Whisper Flex Smart can be raised with the supplied extension.

If your Whisper Flex Smart makes a scissoring sound, the fan blade is probably mounted the wrong way around. The pins of the shaft should fit into the notches of the fan blade.



14 reviews

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14 Reviews -
  1. Bobby

    Best fan ever! I have a dyson fan or 400 euros but so happy I bought this. The natural fashion where it simulates wind like outside is amazing. In that fashion it will automaticfit the speed to simulate the wind outside. In this fashion you can still set the max speed which is great. Swiveling Horizontal and Vertical is completely Without Noise. It works very well but I don’t use it. I have positioned it in the middle at the foot end of the bed and both and my girlfriend Feel the air. With natural fashion on the fan and ocean sounds on google home it’s like we are lying on the beach! I don’t understand people say it’s too Expective. It’s 99 euros or 149 euros to have it with wifi so you can control with an app and Google Home. The fan is super Quiet. If I set it to a position that matches the air strength of the dyson this duux is very quiet while the dyson sound like a jet twaking off. A conventional fan chops the air which causes that vibrating sounds so typical of those fans. This fan has a double blade design which Fixes this vibrating for a large part. So Happy with this fan and for a very fair price consulting the functionality, innovation and design. Well Done Duux, hope you do well as everyone should hear about your whisper fans!

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  2. Petrareviewt (via Bol.com)

    Very happy with this purchase. I had carefully looked at the reviews of Various fans in Advance. Ultimately, I Opted for a Tower Fan for the Nursery. Unlike the Others, I am super satisfied with this one. Very Powerful, Many Functions, The Head Can Rotate in Many Positions and the Program for this is Excellent. The Controls are Logical, Even Those On The Stand Itself. Whisper Quietly and a Big Plus that makes it stand out from Many Others: it can be dismantled, so easy to store in the winter.

    Meer lezen
  3. Anniek

    A Super Quiet and Very Cool System.
    Very Happy to Have this and Recommend it to Everyone.
    Keep your home pleasant despite the warm temperatures.

    Meer lezen
  4. Loes Banning

    We buy the Whisper Flex Smart. Nice Execution. It is Whisper Quiet Indeed. Easy to Assemble. Easy to install on the app. We are very satisfied. Can incentive.

    Meer lezen
  5. Isabelle Daniels checkVerified owner

    Just got my 2nd one and was already so pleased with the first one I bought last year! Unfortunately, the battery pack is not in stock because would have liked to have it included like my first one. Highly Recommended, Quiet and Good Cooling, Many Settings and Ideal for the Night! Almost silent, I can’t stand noise when I want to sleep. Costs A Bit But definitely WORTH IT !!

    Meer lezen
  6. GravityZ (via Bol.com)

    Very nice fan from Duux. This is the first fan (and I’ve tried many) that is really quiet. IDEAL for the bedroom. It has settings from 1-26, but at setting 4 it is still quite quiet but produces enough wind for a cool breeze. The fan can also move horizontally, vertically or simultaneously. This also Happens Very Quietly, But for me it produces just a little too much noise, so I don’t use that option in the bedroom. I have 2 flex fans for the bedroom and a flex smart (with wifi control and app) for the living room. With one of the fans I found the fan blade was not a complete centered, causing it to vibrate a bit. Just Called Duux Support and They Resolved This Perfectly. Operation with the remote control is very simple. You can also operate the fan on the fan itself. This is also easy, althegh you do need to understand how it works. All in all, very satisfied with this fan, both the flex and the flex smart.

    Meer lezen
  7. Jet

    It’s Ridiculous How Quickly the Adapter of the Duux Whisper (White) Gives Up. Try to order a new one, but that Doesn’tn’t work on the duux page!

    Meer lezen
  8. Christian

    Really quiet, at Low Speeds No Sound at All and Even at Low Speeds A Lot Of Air Is Delivered, I Always Run It At Low Speeds, All In All A Fantastic Product.

    Meer lezen
  9. Jopie050 (via MediaMarkt)

    Blows Quietly and Louder than expected. A really great thing. The Remote Control is also really useful. I have no idea if the app is useful, I can’t figure that out here. Overall definitely WORTH THE MONEY. Double Swing Function, and 26 Wind Speeds. IDEAL to have next to the bed because of its quiet motor

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  10. lisazoed (via Bol.com)

    A Super Quiet and Nice Fan. Best purchase of the year so far. I have a very hot cream (read 30 degrees when it’s hot outside) and I can’t sleep because of the noise of normal fans. This blows hard and is Quiet. The fan can also blow in all directives, so that the air flow in the room remains good. In Addition, there is also a function to get a natural wind, which is super nice (close your eyes and it’s just like you’re lying on the beach). It is also great that you can operate the fan via both a remote control and an app on your phone.

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  11. Karflotij (via Bol.com)

    Because it get a bit warm in the attic, we decided to buy a fan. Looking for a fan that Doesn’tn’t Make a lot of noise (That Sleeps Better), is sturdy, has a display that can be turned off at night, can move both horizontally and vertically and can be controlled remotely (with remote control, but I much prefer to use the app), then you will quickly end up with this duux. Not the cheapest, but the quality is more than worth it. Don’t Hesitation, Just Buy!

    Meer lezen
  12. Martin Snijder

    Great Fan, Whisper Quiet. Variable Speed ??is great.
    Small Suggestions would be: Lighting (Backlite) in Remote Control and Swivel Angle Possible Adjusted via app

    Meer lezen
  13. Richard de Ron

    Nice fan, easy to use and as special with the support of Google Home, the battery pack for this fan is also a solution, so you can place the fan anywhere. In Short, Value for Money

    Meer lezen
  14. Saskia Hanraets checkVerified owner

    Very Clear Packaging, which Made Assembly Very Easy. It is indeed Whisper Quiet, so quiet that at first you looked to see if it was just on. Enough Positions and Strengths!
    I would have liked it to be a little higher in the floor position. Fast Shipping.

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duux mobile brand big

Whisper Flex Smart

The wireless smart fan
without consessions

DXCF Whisper Flex top
Nieuwe functies Duux app

Can be operated anytime and anywhere

With the new Duux app you can operate your device anywhere in the world, set up to 7 schedules and gain insight into the progress of your air quality. In addition, the design has been completely renewed and connecting your product has never been easier! Became curious? Read more about the Duux app here.


Control remotely


Smartphone app


With the extension you can change the Whisper Flex Smart from a table model (51 cm) to a floor model (88 cm). It is adjustable in height and transforms effortlessly from table to floor model due to the horizontal and vertical swing. And the best part? It’s whisper-quiet, so you can focus on that one book or go to sleep peacefully.

Height adjustable

90⁰ Horizontal swing

100⁰ Vertical swing

DXCF Whisper Flex Smart front sizes
DXCF Whisper Flex Smart lifestyle


Whisper lives up to its name. With a minimum noise production of only 13 decibels, this fan is barely audible. In natural wind mode, wind speeds are alternated to simulate real wind. Night mode ensures a good night’s sleep thanks to minimal noise production and the automatically dimmed screen.

Separate night mode

13dB sound production

Hey Google

Control Whisper Flex with your voice via Alexa, Google Assistant. Turn on the device or adjust the speed with simple voice commands, without having to lift a finger.

Duux WWA
Duux Voice assistants
DXCF Whisper Flex Smart controls

Every conceivable setting

Choose from 26 adjustable speeds and multiple modes. In natural wind mode, wind speeds are alternated to simulate real wind.

Night mode ensures a good night’s sleep thanks to minimal noise production and the automatically dimmed screen.

Simply the best!

Whisper Flex has been named Best in the Test by the Consumers’ Association for the second year in a row. After years of further development with an eye for detail and quality, we can finally say that we have 😊 the best fan on the market.

Beste uit de Test ventilatoren
wf wit energy

Very energy efficient

In addition to being quiet, Whisper Flex is also incredibly energy efficient. With only € 0.03* (!) in energy costs per day, the consumption of Whisper costs less than € 11 per year. (*5W consumption, mode 8, €0,22/kWh)

Curious how much whisper’s consumption costs in your situation?

Compare all Whisper fans

Are you still unsure between several models or do you want to compare certain specifications or functions? We have put all fans in one overview especially for you! Can't figure it out? Please contact our customer service.


Noise level

Night mode

Wind range

Air flow



Temperature-controlled mode

Horizontal oscillation

Vertical oscillation

Remote control

Available colors

Includes battery pack



Recommended retail price


Whisper Essence


13 dB


15 meter

2300 m³


3-25 W





Matte design

34 x 33 x 99 cm


DXCF Whisper front high



13 dB

15 meter

1750 m³


3-26 W





34 x 34 x 73-95 cm


Vooraanzicht draadloze Whisper Flex Smart ventilator in een zwarte kleur

Whisper Flex

13 dB

15 meter

2300 m³


3-29 W




Matte design

34 x 34 x 51-88 cm


DXCF Whisper Flex Ultimate front app

Whisper Flex Ultimate

13 dB

17 meter

2000 m³


3-26 W



Matte design

34 x 34 x 58-103 cm


Curious about the Whisper Flex Smart?

Watch the unboxing video!

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Whisper Flex Smart Wit

The ultimate fan completely wireless