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Air has three properties that affect our comfort and health.


Humidity is expressed as a percentage(%), also called “relative humidity”. A healthy humidity is between 40 and 60%.

Air pollution

Air pollution can originate from various sources. The measurement standard for particulate matter is micrograms per cubic metre(µg/m³). A healthy air quality is below 20 µg/m³.


Temperature is measured in degrees celsius(°C). A healthy temperature is between 18 and 20°C. However, comfort also plays a role in temperature. Temperature is an important regulator, especially during the seasons.

een totaaloplossing voor je binnenklimaat

A total solution for your indoor climate

To create a healthy balance between humidity, air quality and temperature, Duux Smart Home can provide insight and contribute to clean and comfortable air throughout the home. Through smart sensors and a central information supply from the Duux Smart Home app, the devices are automatically controlled, making you completely carefree.

What is the influence of the seasons and the climate?

The seasons play an important role in the development of these properties, but the properties can also influence each other. An example of this is the influence of temperature on air quality; air pollution such as smog remains active longer in warm weather and the air inside dries out when it freezes outside.


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